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10 Sep 2005

Broadband for me

[Sabyasachi]( “”) -

hey nipon,this is Sabyasachi.gr8 to no u have got ur braodband connection.i just wanted to no about the download capacity of 1 GB.wht does tht mean?does it involve the opening of sites or simply the usual downloads tht we do like songs and wallpapers etc.PLZZ reply me as i have similar plans like u.hope u r fine as before…Saby

Nipon -

Well, 1 GB is the total bandwith u can spend in a whole month. Whenever u open a site, say yahoo, data is sent to ur pc from some server. Again data such as ur usename and password, user preferences, etc. go from ur computer to yahoo’s server. So some amount of data is transferred. Got it? (And how is that transferred? Via satellites or marine underwater cables.) if this amount of data transferred is 10 kilobytes (KB), then u have utilized 10 KB of ur bandwith. In this way…u can use ur bandwith upto 1 GB (or 1024 MB). Naturally, when u download large files from the net, ur bandwith usage also rises. Hope i could explain.

kapil -

how much bsnl will take to start 2G service and when will be capable to enjoy broadband by using our mobiles

west bengal bsnl broadband plans -

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