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01 Apr 2008

Books I Have Been Reading Recently

Amartya -

gr8 mann…!! managing so many books at the same time..??!! well I too am busy wid Anything for you maam(Tushar Raheja) and also have in hand Tell me your dreams(sydney Sheldon)…..lemme c if i can too manage a tag of bibliophile..hehe!!

[nas]( “”) -

bah,khub valo.i waz in search of some good books,i got the names.recently uv finished narayan sanyal’s ABAR JODI ICHCHHA’s a mixture of some real story n some fabricated incidences by the writer about 2 greatest artists of all time,van gog n paul goga.must read it.

[rajdeep]( “”) -

if u like historical fiction try tungovodrar tire by shorodindu bondopadhyay

Nipon -

Thanks Rajdeep. Sure I will.

What I am Reading Right Now -

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