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25 Oct 2013

Baithak: the Feluda-themed Cafe

The city finally gets its Feluda-themed cafe on Rajani Sen Road - Baithak. Don’t I just love the concept of it! The cafe is very neat, not too bright and shiny - a small and cosy place to have an informal adda with your friends (and enjoy the free WiFi too!) While you are at it, you can choose from a variety of tea and coffee and leaf through the Sandesh magazine. An overwhelming list comprising myriads of sandwiches and shakes is in the offering. The ‘Meghraj’ chocolate shake or the ‘Brown Saheber Rohosso’ (bread based fritata) are interesting names on the menu that any Feluda reader will be thrilled to find. The very charming Swaralipi, who runs the place with her husband, was present herself on Saptami evening and she helped us decide what to order. We had Nathmull’s second flush tea and the crabmeat sandwich, mysteriously named as ‘Kankrar Khutinati’. The second time I visited the place was after a long day and Soumya (Swaralipi’s better half) recommended the refreshing Kokum shake. ‘Very berry Kokum’!