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26 Mar 2007

Avro Keyboard 4 Released

Avro OmicronLab has just released version 4 of Avro - the best Bangla writing software on Windows platform. Upgrade to this new version to enjoy a host of new features. Avro is now completely skinnable and you can design your own skin. Also, you can create your own keyboard layout. **Compatibility: ** + Windows Vista (32 Bit) support added. **Interface: ** + Full Skin Support added + Magnetic docking added in Top Bar. + Unicode support added in menu system + Option for changing menu font added + Skin Editor added + New splash screen added + ‘System Default keyboard mode’ term is changed to ‘English Keyboard Mode’. Users understand it quickly. + Startup dialog added as reminder to Configure user’s system for complex language support. + Few menu items renamed for better realization and meaning. + Option dialog is much more lightweight now. + Setup behaviour changed a lot. **Typing System: ** + Full OLD STYLE Typing support added (like Bijoy) + AltGr and Shift+AltGr Keyboard layers added. + Jatiya Keyboard layout updated. + Fixed keyboard layouts are no more hard coded. They can be edited via Layout Editor. + Layout Editor added. + New typing automation: Automacally Fix Chandra position added + Double pressing link key now automatically add ZWNJ - Option Global Key Generation Method Removed. - Option Key Generation Level removed. > Fixed Ra-Ja Fola Bug **Input Locale: ** + Option added for Locale in English Keyboard mode - Automatically restoring previous locale removed, it was proved buggy. **Layout Viewer: ** + Imporved interface + Use much less memory > To & fro motion bug fixed - Removed feature of automatically showing in Bangla keyboard mode **Avro Phonetic: ** + Preview window updated for better positioning and easy viewing - Word based parsing mode removed > Fixed Bracket typing bug. **NEW - Web Buddy: ** + RSS Feed support (all versions) added + Automatically checking for new version added **Bangla Fonts: ** - Removed all Bangla font from setup package, except Siyam Rupali **Documentation: ** + Font Embedding guide added. Internal APP changes: - Dll dependency for keyboard hooking removed. + Avro keyboard now maintain keyboard hook more “aggresively” + Top Bar remains always on top more “aggresively” + A lot of tweaking has been done.