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11 Nov 2006

After MBBS, PHC Calling

Bruno -

WHile I agree that it is beneficial from the point of a medical student to work in PHC (you will learn the art of practice), I disagree with your logic of 9 Lakhs That is what we have been forced to believe See here I repeat, I am one of the strongest advocates of the Rural Posting as it is immensely beneficial to the students. Even if that is not compulsary, I would advice my juniors to work in villages/small towns for atleast one year to know the challenges you are going to face in future in your profession. But please don’t get fooled by the 8 lakh theory !!!

[celebrity morgue]( “”) -

Creation Asylum

Goa Blog -

Its a very informative piece…. Keep Up the good work.. Regards From GOA India

[vishnu]( “”) -

our doctors will die before completing their education ,first provide d health ,facilities in villages,then talk about this .Every one is playing with d doctors nowdays

best -

Im agree.

best -

I feel the same.

[দীপক]( “”) -

PHC=প্রাইমারী হেল্থ সেন্টার ভাবতে হবে - বাসস্থান গ্রুপ-“এ” অফিসার এর মর্যাদা সম্পন্ন হওয়া প্রয়োজন । নিরাপত্তা বাড়ানো দরকার । বদলীর স্বছ্বতা দরকার ।