WBJEE 2006 — Pattern Changed

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination – the entrance exam to be cleared to secure admission to the 54 engineering and 9 medical colleges of the state – has undergone several changes this year. Previously the exam used to of 3 hours and the questions were subjective type. This year the questions will be MCQ-type.

New Features
200 marks in each paper (100 questions each carrying 2 marks)
Exam duration 2 hours
Negative marking – minus 2 for every 3 wrong answers
MCQ – the best answer out of 4 given choices has to be selected
Calculator not allowed
HB pencil to be used to mark the correct answer on the answer script
Multiple sets of questions to prevent cheating

Physics –for all candidates
Chemistry –for all candidates
Mathematics –for engineering and architecture candidates
Biology –for Medical candidates
Aptitude –for Architecture canditates

Exam Dates [Updated]
22.04.06 20.05.06
11 a.m.-1 p.m. Mathematics
2 p.m.-4 p.m. Physics
23.04.06 21.05.06
11 a.m.-1 p.m. Chemistry
2 p.m.-4 p.m. Biology

Estimated number of candidates this year
More than 1 lakh

Exam Centres
56 centres in WB

Number of seats
13000+ engineering seats
1225 medical seats (1105 MBBS + 120 BDS)

Break-up of Reservation
WBJEE reservation in engineering colleges
WBJEE reservation in medical colleges

Residential Requirements
Indian Citizen
Permanent Resident of West Bengal

Things to carry
Admit Card – a must
Several good quality HB pencils – to mark the correct choice on the answer paper
Good quality eraser – in case you need to change an answer
Drawing Instruments – only for drawing and aptitude test

West Bengal Board of Examination
Central Selection Committee Engineering & Technology

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"WBJEE 2006 — Pattern Changed" by @wishnipon

  1. it has not been made clear what one opting for engg. stream should mark in the declaration part of the appl. form .. u must have given an eg of filled appl. form

  2. The WBJEE application form is self-explanatory. Please read carefully. You will definitely understand.

    In the declaration part all candidates have to tick the correct option (General Category, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Physically Handicapped — whichever is applicable) and the signatures by candidate and parent/guardian have also to be done.

    Below this part, there is another box that has to be filled up by medical candidates only which will serve as the certificate of residence.

    Hope I could make it clear.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. what is the last date for sending the form.
    in the prost. its written that 17.12.2005is the last date for sending the form with the dd.dd of how much.

  4. The last date of receipt of the completely filled up application form is 17.12.2005. That is, your application form should reach the West Bengal Board of Examination by 17th.

    I don’t know exactly about the payment method for oustation candidates. But what I can reckon from the prospectus is like this, though I am not sure: One has to get the application form and prospectus by sending a DD of Rs. 500/- (450+50). To submit the application form you don’t have to send any DD.

  5. I am very sorry to the jee comitte that there is no any information regarding submission of application on the website.
    Really very sorry.

  6. sir, i just want to know that if a outstation student has purchased the form from a bank… then is any D.D required to be sent along with the form

  7. offensive word, deleted–………………. you havent mentioned any site for checking whether form has been submitted or not

  8. @Pushpendu: I agree with you. There seems to be a lack of information about WBJEE over the internet. I suggest you ring up the Examination Committee, look for the Slater Hall phone number given in prospectus.

    @ Danish: Dear Danish, I really don’t know much about the payment method for outstation candidates 😕

    @Ramu: My friend, i don’t know of any such site. Had I known, I would have surely given the link here. Hey… why are you using slang? I suggest you ask your parents to give you a lesson in etiquette.

    Good luck to all of you 🙂

  9. let me know whether marks will be deducted for not attempting any question i,e if I leave three questions without answer will any number will be deducted ?

  10. Is it true that an unanswered question will be treated as wrong answer in WBJEE 2006?(In the Prospectus,under the space for incorrect methods of marking,an answer in which all 4 options have been left unmarked has also been included)

  11. Ya that is an incorrect way of answering. On the contrary, it is the correct way of not answering! 🙂

    Well, since the WBJEE committee has never specifically mentioned, there is not going to be any negative marking for unanswered questions.

    Good luck to you, Ashwini

  12. Sir,
    According to the booklet negative marking will be @ 2 for each three wrong answers. But how it will be arranged for two or five wrong answers ? Will it be proportionately ? pl intimate. Thanks.

  13. sir/mam,
    I have not recieved any acknowledgement that my form has been submitted or not.Please give me information as soon as possible through my e-mail address.Thanking you.

    Yours obediently,

  14. @Pradip: I really have no idea. But may be they will apply approximation in case the number of wrong answers is not divisible by 3. Whatever the marking process be, it will be the same for all candidates. So you need worry much over this.
    And please don’t call me sir, I am only a 1st year engg. student. 🙂

    @Shubham: Contact the West Bengal Examination Commitee. Look for the Slater Hall phone number given in the prosectus. Why on earth are you asking me? Let me tell you that I am only a student. I have just given some info related to WBJEE here on my site.

    @Krishna: Ya, only permanent residents of West Bengal are allowed.

  15. i think this website is really very useful
    can u plz inform that will there be any question in which there can be probability of two answers

  16. Hi Sweta,
    Thanks for your compliments.
    There will be only one possible answer to a question.
    No marks will be deducted for not answering.

    Wish you all the best.

  17. Will the questions wil be aranged acording to module as stated in the syllabus or they wil randomly arrange it.please reply

  18. Well as there will be different question sets to prevent cheating, questions will be in a random order — the order being different in different sets. That is, in the previous years’ questions of WBJEE question number 1 had only questions from module 1 but this will not be like that anymore as the orser of questions will be random.

    Now another thing. Whatever be the order of questions, you should be expecting equal weightage of questions from each module — that is 20 marks per module totalling to 200 marks per paper.

  19. Dear sir,
    I shal be very greatful if you kindly inform me how can i collect the model sample question paper and also inform me the rough work space in the given answer sheeyt.

  20. the last date of submission of form is too early. no advertisement for WBJEE was published in the newspapers.

  21. I really don’t know, my friend. Anyway, I suggest you ring up the Examination Committee, look for the Slater Hall phone number given in prospectus.

  22. The new pattern JEE will be better than before. But the most
    problamatic thing is that -ve marking may cause difficult to choose one option from the four given

  23. earlier i had not sent an envellope with 25 rs. stamp.i hav recieved my acknowledgement card with the above message on 30jan.when is the last date of re sending the envellope.

  24. that exam is good. but the board is –offensive word1, offensive word2 & offensive word 3, all deleted–

  25. is this a sort of joke. what the hell do u mean by ‘GUAHATI’ . ITS A BRUTAL INSULT TO THE PEOPLE OF ASSAM. ITS GUWAHATI. hey , you –offensive word, deleted– dont forget to vote 4 debojit. samjhe –offensive word, deleted–.

  26. @Raghu: Refrain from using slangs. This is a public domain and you should speak in a civil way. I do agree with your feelings. The administrative body of WBJEE is not efficient, they don’t even have a website from where people can get relevant information.

    @Smritik: The kind of language you use really reflects the kind of upbringing you have got from your parents. By the way, any typing mistake that might have crept in is inadvertent. And don’t get off-topic.

  27. I am turning off comments in this post.

    This site does not belong to WBJEE board. Try to understand that I am, in now way, attached to the WBJEE exam board. For heaven’s sake, don’t mail me asking me the status of your application from! I have been getting loads of such mail. How can I be knowing that? I am a student. I have only given some relevant information about WBJEE on my site. That’s all.

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